J.Dobbs releases new album ‘Ambiguous Kryptos’

USA, 2021-Apr-13 — /IMNN/ —

The songwriter and producer of rap music known as J.Dobbs has released his latest official album, “Ambiguous Kryptos.” It contains 15 original J.Dobbs tracks for an approximate total listening time of 40 mins. It has been proudly published as an independent release without the involvement of the corporate music industry on the Stack Money Entertainment record label. Varied, textured, and filled with creatively parsed lines and rhymes fans have come to expect, “Ambiguous Kryptos” shows J.Dobbs to have as much punch in 2021 as he did in 2019.

The American South’s J.Dobbs cites as main artistic influences Master P, Eightball & MJG, UGK, Triple Six, and Jeezy. His “Ambiguous Kryptos” represents the third prominent drop from Dobbs since 2019’s “N Tha Cut Trapper” and the most recent since his release of “Steppin on Toes.” J.Dobbs described that record as “Southern, different, hood, trap music” at the time.

The present release of “Ambiguous Kryptos” takes still another different tack for J.Dobbs, who calls it “Southern rap classic mixed with a new wave of sounds. Those before me influenced my soul for music.”

That soul has been inclined toward creating original tracks since youth. Dobbs has released an official album annually for three consecutive years.

“Ever since I knew what music was,” J.Dobbs writes, “I knew music was for me.”

In years past, Dobbs has brought an autobiographical narrative to his music, something that has not changed for “Ambiguous Kryptos.”

“I’m rapping what I have learned and experienced,” Dobbs has said. “Bringing the south with me with every word. Lovin’ life, not caring what the haters have to say.”

J.Dobbs is also a DIY indie artist in the truest sense of the term.

“Don’t owe no man for nothing on this album,” Dobbs said in 2020. “This is J.Dobbs new sound wave. One love.”

“Ambiguous Kryptos” by J.Dobbs on the Stack Money Ent. label is available from quality digital music stores online worldwide now. Get in early, rap and hip-hop fans.

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Ambiguous Kryptos” by J.Dobbs —

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Rapper Boss Fetti releases new album ‘Relationship Goalz’

The songwriter and producer of new-wave hip-hop and RnB music known as Boss Fetti has released his latest official album, “Relationship Goalz.” Like the rest of Boss Fetti’s recent music, the album has been proudly published independently on the HoodBoy Muzik Entertainment record label. Vibrant, packed with bass and bursting with clever lines and rhymes from a burning clutch of featured artists, “Relationship Goalz” reminds fans new and old that Boss Fetti is still just getting started.

In addition to the considerable skills of Boss Fetti, himself, “Relationship Goalz” also features the talents of RnB voices Pre’jon, B.R.E.E, J.Melo, Chelle Nae, and Dayo G., about whom Fetti writes, “They helped bring the vision for my album to life with outstanding vocal performances.”

With “Relationship Goalz” Fetti moves rap in a new direction.

“It’s way too much violence and killing going on right now,” he says. “Rap music is not just about shooting and killing. The culture is bigger than that. It’s time to showcase other forms of the culture than just death and violence. I took the initiative to produce a rap album without every reference to guns, death, or violence.”

Columbus, OH’s Boss Fetti cites as main artistic influences legends like Tupac Shakur, Nas, Heavy D, LL Cool J, Drake, Jodeci, and Keith Sweat. With an emphasis on slick production, razor-sharp performances and more hooks than a boxing match, “Relationship Goalz” by Boss Fetti has a little something for everybody.

“I love to write songs, record them, and perform them,” Fetti says. “I love to travel and network. I been doing it all my life.”

That’s not what draws him to the hip-hop and RnB sound, though.

“Versatility,” he says. “I love it. So many different subcultures into one culture — I think that’s pretty dope about rap music.”

Asked to describe the overall theme of “Relationship Goalz,” Boss Fetti says he was inspired to make his record by, “People complaining about relationships on social media.”

“There is somebody out there for everybody,” Fetti says. “Don’t give up on love! If you’re single dont give up. If you’re in a relationship and thinking about separating, try to work it out. Teamwork makes the dream work.”

Performing, recording and producing today in Phoenix, AZ, Boss Fetti has previous drops including his 2018 album, “Road 2 Riches,” and 2020 mixtape “Boss Fetti for 2020.” His career has landed him on stages in Detroit, MI, Charlotte, NC, Atlanta, GA, Phoenix and Tucson, AZ, as well as Columbus, Cleveland, Cincinnati, and Dayton, OH, to name a few locales.

“Relationship Goalz” by Boss Fetti on the HoodBoy Muzik Entertainment label is available from quality digital music stores online worldwide now. Get in early, new-wave hip-hop and RnB music fans.

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Relationship Goalz” by Boss Fetti —

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Country singer Rhea Francani releases new single ‘I’m More’

NASHVILLE, Tenn., 2021-Mar-23 — /Indie Music News Network/ —

Country-pop singer Rhea Francani has released her latest official single, “I’m More.” Like previous Francani releases, it has been proudly published independently on the Limestone Records record label. The most prominent official release from Francani since her 2020 single “I’ll Go,” “I’m More” is the freshest reason for pop-country fans to sit up and pay attention to this constantly surprising young artist from NYC by way of Nashville.

In addition to the considerable talents of Francani, herself, “I’m More” features work from veteran session players from Nashville’s famed Blackbird Studio, including ACM Award nominees Mike Rojas and Evan Hutchings.

Similar to Kelsea Ballerini and Carly Pearce,” writes Limestone Records, “Rhea’s contemporary sound blurs the lines between country and pop. Her bold energy has been compared to Carrie Underwood and Chris Stapleton. Her soulful spirit is reminiscent of Lady A’s and Little Big Town’s classic hits.”

Rhea Francani has cited as main influences Maren Morris, Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston and Boyz II Men.

I love big female voices,” says Francani. “Each of the singers I listed is so talented and brings something special and unique to the table.”

She’s also drawn to the American country-music sound in a way which guides her artistic direction. She writes of this:

I grew up listening to a wide range of music, but I’ve always loved country. I gravitated to the lyrics in country music and the beautiful stories country songs tell. The more I listened to country, the more I wanted to write and sing in the genre. Although I am from New York, I am drawn to the southern charm of country music’s heartfelt lyrics — songs about love, life, and good times. I bring a bit of the city to the country.”

Today, Rhea Francani splits her time between writing, performing and recording original music and teaching performing arts at the renowned Florida Atlantic University in South Florida.

I also oversee a performing-arts program for middle-school students,” she writes, “mentoring them while also crafting my own music. With every journey, I find myself so grateful for my family. They truly are the wind beneath my wings.”

Rhea Francani proudly works with the Save the Music Foundation, which brings music education to the roughly 30% of US students without access to music ed., the majority of whom suffer from income inequality at their home, school, or both.

I am humbled to be invited to support the amazing work that Save the Music does,” Francani says. “As a music teacher, I understand the vital role music plays in uniting communities and giving all children a shot at a brighter future.”

We’ve seen the power of music get people through a very challenging time,” said Henry Donahue, Executive Director of VH 1 Save The Music Foundation. “Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, school budgets are being spread too thin, new safety guidelines are creating schedule restrictions for music classes, and many students still remain learning from home. We’re grateful to partner with Rhea and her personal connection to our mission as a music teacher makes it all the more meaningful.”

I’m More” by Rhea Francani on the Limestone Records label is available from quality digital music stores online worldwide now. Get in early, country-pop music fans.


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Indie rockers Unisex release new single ‘Let the Tide Take You’

The songwriter and producer of indie rock music known as Unisex has released their latest official single, “Let the Tide Take You.” It is the debut single from their upcoming debut album, “Powerful Situations,” due for release 23 April 2021. It has been proudly published as an independent release without the involvement of the corporate music industry on the Campers’ Rule Records label. Described variously as indie rock, jangle pop, indie pop, tropical and psychedelic or art rock, music on “Powerful Situations” such as “Let the Tide Take You” will appeal fans of independent rock everywhere.

Unisex cite as main artistic influences a colorful amalgam of rock across the last six decades. These include Talking Heads, CAN, Beach Boys, Richard Swift, Jason Molina, Eliot Smith, Camera Obscura, Nina Simone, the Sea and Cake, Yo La Tengo, Built to Spill, The Byrds, Diana Ross and the Supremes, Santigold, Thundercat, and Alice Coltrane. Informed by the qualities and stylistic nuances of all the above, “Let the Tide Take You” by Unisex has something for fans of many music categories.

A second single from their “Powerful Situations” LP, “Fake Banksy,” is scheduled to appear 6 April.

Unisex are Brian Russ (guitar, vocals), Brad Connolley (bass, drums, vocals), Billy Fidler (drums), and Connor Zarkowski (keys, bass). Also appearing on their record are Amos Rose (keys), Meredith Meyer (vocals), and Daniel Belski (guitar). A musical statement of our time, Unisex music was already being composed, performed and recorded online by 2018. By the time COVID-19 forced every US act into virtual space, Unisex had already compiled much of what would become their debut LP, “Powerful Situations.” The record is among the first to have been entirely incepted from four disparate American locales, namely Brooklyn, NY; Nashville, TN; Los Angeles, CA; and Missoula, MT.

Asked to describe the overall theme of “Let the Tide Take You,” Unisex writes that it suggests “simply giving up and giving in, knowing that consumerism and capitalism will one day consume us all.” Other tracks on the LP are even more sociopolitical, such as “Address to United Nations” about ex-President Donald Trump spreading nationalism and threatening nuclear war at the 2016 UN Summit. It also refers to the Parkland shooting, the spreading of diseases on NYC subways (prophetically penned before the pandemic), the culture of fake news, fake tans, and botox treatments.

“The paranoid feeling we now live with,” Unisex write, “of always needing to be ready to be attacked, the death of young artists before their prime, why some people hate their mothers, why so many useless plastic products get shipped around the globe on those menacing massive cargo boats, the gathering of white supremicist groups and the rise of hate crimes in the Trump era … These are all themes on our debut record.”

Ultimately, Unisex’s upcoming debut LP blatantly claims, “Everybody is full of sh-t.”

“Overall, it’s a gas!” they write.

Unisex’s own official website describes “Powerful Situations” as “written as an initial reaction to the Trump presidency” which “molded itself, magically, into a response to the pandemic. It was worked on both pre and post covid. But Brian Russ knew in his heart that it needed to be completed before the 2020 election. Now it lives as a stamp in time, reminding us of what we went through for four years, and begging us to learn and grow for all that we have survived through.”

“We’re tiny little specks on this tiny little stone,” writes Russ, quoting the song dedicated to his four-year-old daughter, Bernadette. “People sometimes forget that we share this little home.”

The members of Unisex are all established musicians who have toured around the country with previous acts and played on stages ranging from Red Rocks Ampitheatre to the Bowery Ballroom and Brooklyn Steel.

“Let the Tide Take You” by Unisex is available from Campers’ Rule Records at over 500 quality digital music stores online worldwide now. Get in early, indie music fans.

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Let the Tide Take You” by Unisex —

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Barry Wilkins releases new single ‘202’

The songwriter and producer of funk music known as Barry Wilkins has released his latest official single, “202.” It has been proudly published as an independent release without the involvement of the the corporate music industry. As his debut solo release, “202” is only the latest work from Wilkins, who played for several famed Stax Records crews including Art Jerry Miller, the Mad-Lads, and the Bar-Kays. Overflowing with style and performed deep in the groove, “202” introduces Barry Wilkins as one of the most intriguing funk artists of the year so far.

“202” by Barry Wilkins has been released with an official music video (link provided below).

The Atlanta area’s Barry Wilkins (originally from Memphis, Tenn.) cites as main artistic influences guitar titans Jimi Hendrix, Eddie Hazel, Stevie Ray Vaughn and Prince, as well as legendary funk bands the Funkadelics and Earth, Wind and Fire. With an emphasis on soul, rhythm, and his own personal sonic flair, “202” by Barry Wilkins has a little something for everybody.

Asked to describe the overall theme of “202,” Barry Wilkins writes, “202 is about a place and what you will experience. It is a magnetic as well as a magical journey. ‘Magnetic,’ meaning it will draw you back again. It’s the land where creativity and imagination reside.”

Wilkins has been successful in the music industry from a very young age. Wilkins has performed in as disparate locales as Pennsylvania, Kentucky, Tennessee, Colorado, Louisiana, Texas, California, the Carolinas, and many others.

“I want my listeners to experience a place where no problems exist; allow my music to pull them into an exciting state of mind and let the funk enter, raise them up, and leave them with a hunger to listen to it again and again– because it feels good and sounds good” writes Barry Wilkins.

Barry Wilkins makes a point of thanking his late cousin and fellow Stax musician, Harold Beane (who performed with Eddie Floyd, William Bell, Isaac Hayes) to whom the single is dedicated. He also dedicates this drop with thanks to his wife, Conniece.

Wilkins would also like to acknowledge guitarist Larry Lee (who performed with Jimi Hendrix, Al Green). “He along with Harold,” says Wilkins, “are all from the same neighborhood, right down the street and around the corner from each other. Three success stories from Elliston Heights in Memphis.”

And what of his debut solo single? Wilkins plays it cool.

“This is a long time coming, but nothing happens before it is time, and I feel the time is now.”

“202” by Barry Wilkins is available from quality digital music stores online worldwide now. Get it early, funk music fans.

202” by Barry Wilkins —

Barry Wilkins Official Website —

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Rufio and the Cooolkidz releases new singles ʻTrap Alphabet,’ ‘Days of the Week,’ and ‘Months of the Year.’

The songwriter and producer of children’s hip-hop music known as Rufio and the Cooolkidz has released his latest official singles, ʻTrap Alphabet,’, “Days of the Week” and “Months of the Year.” All three have been released with corresponding official music videos and proudly published as independent releases on Honolulu’s Beautiful Emergence Records independent music label. Fun, vibrant, educational, and shining with aloha, “Days of the Week” introduces Rufio and the Cooolkidz as one of the most intriguing artists of the year so far.

GeorgiaRufio and the Cooolkidz are Jabez and Joseph Aurelio. Jabez cites as main artistic influences Jack Johnson, Blazer Fresh (and GoNoodle in general), Jack Hartmann, Mr. Rogers, Harry Kindergarten Music, Super Simple Songs, and KidsTV123, while Joe mentions Medasin, Carmack, and Kota the Friend. Their particular brand of children’s music falls into the pop, hip hop, and electronic RnB categories, but the duo describe their music themselves as simply fun, chill, and educational.With an emphasis on bringing something useful to the home and classroom alike, “Days of the Week” and “Months of the Year” by Rufio and the Cooolkidz are sure to appeal to kids 2-7 everywhere, and then some.

Speaking of his motives for making original music, Jabez writes, “I am inspired by music’s ability to transcend the confinements of speech in the developing minds of young children, and I want to fuse my love for educating children with my love for creating and performing. I want to make learning fun through positive, entertaining/educational videos.”

Jabez, who lives on Oahu, has been playing ukulele since high school. Joe, a Kauaʻi native, has been playing music since childhood. Together, they are the co-creators of the CooolKidz YouTube channel.

Jabez has performed in front of sold-out audiences on the Kennedy Theater main stage, received and accepted the AADA scholarship offer to attend their prestigious program for a year, but declined their second-year proposition and chose to return to his family in Hawaiʻi. He has played roles in Hawaii 5-0 and Magnum PI, the Lifetime Channel’s “Anniversary Nightmare,” and has even played a war hero in the independent docudrama movie, “Go For Broke.”

Joe has made a name for himself as a DJ on Oahu with residency at various clubs and promotion companies playing for thousands at local venues and concerts. He has been composing, recording, performing and producing original music since 2011.“

“Trap Alphabet,” “Days of the Week” and “Months of the Year” by Rufio and the Cooolkidz on the Beautiful Emergence Records label is available from over 500 quality digital music stores online worldwide now. Get in early, cool kids.

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Rufio and the Coool Kidz —


Alt-rocker Paula Punch drops surprise single ‘Full Moon Rising’

Fans of Australia’s Paula Punch got a surprise when the new single from her upcoming album appeared on digital music shelves early March, “Full Moon Rising.” Like the rest of Punch’s ever-expanding repertoire, it was recorded in Electric Avenue Studios and published on Punch Park Records. The track features reverb-twanging guitars, eerie echoes, and a classic-rock feel atop 21st century sentiments for a particularly timely track from one of today’s most prominent indie rockers.

Paula Punch has cited as chief influences KD Lang, Joni Mitchell, Brandi Carlile, Ed Kuepper, Ron Sexsmith, and the Pretenders. Stir all that up and give it a unique agency belonging solely to Punch, herself, and the result sounds very much like a Paula Punch recording, “Full Moon Rising” being no exception. The Punch Park label has described her sound as a blend of indie, folk rock, and alt-country. Fans of the above are likely to find much to appreciate in “Full Moon Rising,” as well as the rest of her catalog.

Asked to comment on the themes of her new track, Punch Park writes:

“When Paula wrote ‘Full Moon Rising’ she didn’t realise how prophetic this song would turn out to be. It’s inspired by the modern-day fight between nature and industry, people’s everyday struggle, and the increasing pressure that time is running out.”

Paula Punch is joined on “Full Moon Rising” by her band, Robin Gist on guitar (Girl Overboard), Marko Simec on keys and accordion (Waiting for Guinness, Soul Movers, the Rivers, Rufino and the Coconuts), Mike Rix on bass (Jason Walker), Reuben Alexander on drums and percussion (Liz Martin Band, William Crichton). She is joined live by guitarist Paul Berton and bass player Andy Newman.

Punch’s current official bio reads:

Singer-Songwriter Paula Punch has been consistently playing live in Sydney with her band “The Fireflys” at the “Django at Camelot” usually creating a local showcase for singer-songwriters called “The Punch Sessions” where special guests have included Abi Tucker, Tania Bowra, Glenn Bidmead, Dan Mullins, Lisa Schouw, and Tania Sparke. Last year she also opened for Russell Morris, Karise Eden and Renee Geyer at Camelot Lounge to appreciative audiences.

In 2018 she toured California with New Zealand born Nashville artist Jackie Bristow and her past show supports including Ed Kuepper, The Gadflys and Neil Murray.

Paula released her first album of original music, “Don’t Look Down” in 2018 recorded with Robin Gist in his living room studio, and two of these songs were placed in top 5 for the ASA competition, in the indie rock category, and 2 of her songs from the new Album have been shortlisted in the top 30 of this competiton awaiting final results to be announced in March 21.

Her first EP “Lost Horizon Sessions” which was recorded solo with acoustic guitar and mixed by ‘Groove’ Myers about ten years previously, was released in 2019.

There is a theme of heartache tinged with hope in her music, with an increasing element of rising empowerment. Her upcoming album “Song to the Trees” will be her first studio album, recorded at Electric Avenue Studios by Philip Punch, Robin Gist and Jem Hoppe-Smith, and with her fabulous band.

Paula has just released the first single “Fire in the Hull” from her upcoming album, and the album is planned for launch in 2021 and will be released on digital platforms, CD, and vinyl, all available via her official website (link provided below).

“Full Moon Rising” by Paula Punch on the Punch Park label is available from quality digital music stores online worldwide now. Get in early, alt-country music fans.

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Full Moon Rising” by Paula Punch —

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Alt-indie rock duo Dragon and Berr drop fourth LP album ‘She’s So Shui’

USA, 2021-Mar-05 — /Indie Music News Network/ —

Alternative indie rock duo Dragon and Berr have released their latest official album, “She’s So Shui.” It contains 11 original Dragon and Berr tracks for an approximate total listening time of 40 mins. Like the rest of D&B’s repertoire, it has been proudly published as an independent release on the Loose Bolt Records record label. Kaleidoscopic, encompassing, and flowing with power and groove, “She’s So Shui” is the latest reason to give Dragon and Berr a listen today.

“I’ve been told more than a few times that they can just tell it’s Dragon and Berr from the style and sound,” writes frontman Dragon, “so I guess without meaning to we developed a sonic fingerprint.”

D&B have developed much more than just a signature sound, though. “She’s So Shui” is a record bringing much of what today’s new music often lacks. It overflows with visceral texture and evocative songwriting with alt-rock tracks such as “Over Share,” “In My Dark Place Again” and “This Is Not a Love Song.” When you think you’ve got them pegged, Dragon and Berr explode out of whatever box you’ve put them in with the raw, real punk-rock offering, “You Know That Song,” then show off their flair for atmospheric tonality with “Affairs of the Heart.”

Still, with all that going on, it may be their punk sensibilities which guide their hands most. Iconoclasm is the Dragon and Berr way.

“Truth be told, we do not try to define ourselves as any one thing,” they say of this. “We are bits of everything, and we like it like that. When you put humans together making music in any capacity it tends to be off a little. Sure, you can fix it in the edits, but that is not us. We do not want to take out the human factor, that, ‘hey, yeah, we are one of you guys and gals out there.’”

And they are “the guys and gals out there” on “She’s So Shui.” There’s some piano in there. There’s a faint country echo from time to time. They have a warm, welcoming, acoustic pop track, “Our Forever House,” and several emotional builds like the U2ish “Time for the Fall.” In other words, like the previous three Dragon and Berr albums, “She’s So Shui” is impossible to pigeonhole and sounds exactly like Dragon and Berr.

“The trick to writing and the delivery of a lyric is not predetermining how you are going to deliver it,” Berr writes. “We wrote ‘Off Beat Again’ as an unapologetic anthem for everyone who has been told they are just off somehow. We kind of say it’s ok, we belong and so do you. This is us, and we are having fun.”

And thanks to that mentality, so are we.

“She’s So Shui” by Dragon and Berr on the Loose Bolt Records label is available from over 500 quality digital music stores online worldwide now. Get in early, alt-rock fans.

– S. McCauley
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“She’s So Shui” by Dragon and Berr —

David R Villegas releases new EP album ‘Out of Nowhere’

The songwriter and producer of modern piano and new-age music known as David R Villegas has released his latest official EP album, “Out of Nowhere.” It contains four original David R Villegas tracks for an approximate total listening time of 20 mins. It has been proudly published as an independent release without the involvement of the corporate music industry. Light as air, bright as a full moon, and exuding a fresh, unadorned beauty, “Out of Nowhere” introduces David R Villegas as a natural talent likely to appeal to anyone.

Warrenton, Virginia’s David R Villegas cites as main artistic influences Yanni, Hans Zimmer, Claude Debussy, and Chopin. With an emphasis on wholesome chord progressions and arpeggiated melody lines, “Out of Nowhere” by David R Villegas has a little something for every fan of piano music.

Asked to describe the overall theme of “Out of Nowhere,” David R Villegas writes, “My EP is about life’s surprises and revelations; from behind one veiled moment emerges another. Distortion and obscuration often accompany the full moon’s rise but are magically replaced by a brilliant cover of the beautiful, crystal-clear night sky.”

Villegas may be a new name to many fans of independent music today, but he’s an old hand at crafting original works.

“I’ve been writing for some time,” he writes, “and have built a catalogue of unrecorded compositions. My involvement in music was choral for many years, but my passion is sitting down at the piano and composing. Just now publishing some of my work.”

“Out of Nowhere” by David R Villegas is available from quality digital music stores online worldwide now. Get in early, modern piano fans.

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Out of Nowhere” by David R Villegas —

Official Instagram —


Fosteur releases new album ‘Inner Screen’

The Brit-pop infused indie rock project known as Fosteur have released their latest LP album, “Inner Screen.” It contains nine original Fosteur tracks for an approximate total listening time of 40 mins. It has been proudly published as an independent release without the involvement of the corporate music industry on the Fosteur Records music label. Bringing a nonchalant coolness 21st-century music doesn’t often exhibit, “Inner Screen” introduces Fosteur as one of the most intriguing rock projects of the year so far.

Northampton, UK’s Fosteur cites as main artistic influences Rush, Sting, K’s Choice, Genesis, Pineapple Thief, Steven Wilson, Queen, Blof, and David Bowie. Their label describes the project as “a British indie studio band, not quite pop, not quite rock. Sometimes both — and sometimes something else entirely.” With an emphasis on its own slick style and intuitively evocative songwriting, “Inner Screen” by Fosteur has a little something for everybody.

The present “Inner Screen” release is the latest addition to Fosteur’s growing repertoire which includes the “Pure Stream” and “Diatopolis” LP records, both 2020 and available online worldwide. Speaking of the inspiration to record a third album, Fosteur says, “I was born with an anomaly in my brain which eventually caused seizures and finally a stroke where I lost control of my left arm and leg. I slowly regained control, but it has never been perfect. I felt an urgency to create something just in case something goes wrong again.”

Asked to describe the overall theme of “Inner Screen,” Fosteur talks about “reflections on suffering, delusion and our hidden loving nature.” Their “Inner Screen” album is dichotomous, starting with three standalone Fosteur songs before launching into a mini-concept album consisting of six interrelated tracks. Writes Fosteur about the six-song storyline:

“They’re a story about a man who lives many lives. His real home is Elysium but he incarnates to find experience as different types of people. He finds physical life very difficult and loses hope at times. However, he slowly grows and gradually sees behind the ‘masks’ people wear. He finds that he loves people despite how they hurt him and actually embraces the cruel world. He feels somewhat isolated because others don’t understand what he understands. After his final incarnation he returns to Elysium, healed and strong. And satisfied.”

It’s an analogy to which listeners may relate, or by which one may even learn.

“Life is a school,” Fosteur says, “purposely difficult but to be embraced. We judge our own actions on our ‘Inner Screen’ between lives before our final triumphant return home to Elysium and unconditional love.”

And what wishes do Fosteur have for their new record?

“I would hope that people might take time out to reflect on their own lives – there are so many distractions, and we never get around to taking a peek at the stage we find ourselves in.”

“Inner Screen” by Fosteur on the Fosteur Records label is available from over 500 quality digital music stores online worldwide now. Get in early, indie rock music fans.

– S. McCauley

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Inner Screen” by Fosteur —

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