Rapper Boss Fetti releases new album ‘Relationship Goalz’

The songwriter and producer of new-wave hip-hop and RnB music known as Boss Fetti has released his latest official album, “Relationship Goalz.” Like the rest of Boss Fetti’s recent music, the album has been proudly published independently on the HoodBoy Muzik Entertainment record label. Vibrant, packed with bass and bursting with clever lines and rhymes from a burning clutch of featured artists, “Relationship Goalz” reminds fans new and old that Boss Fetti is still just getting started.

In addition to the considerable skills of Boss Fetti, himself, “Relationship Goalz” also features the talents of RnB voices Pre’jon, B.R.E.E, J.Melo, Chelle Nae, and Dayo G., about whom Fetti writes, “They helped bring the vision for my album to life with outstanding vocal performances.”

With “Relationship Goalz” Fetti moves rap in a new direction.

“It’s way too much violence and killing going on right now,” he says. “Rap music is not just about shooting and killing. The culture is bigger than that. It’s time to showcase other forms of the culture than just death and violence. I took the initiative to produce a rap album without every reference to guns, death, or violence.”

Columbus, OH’s Boss Fetti cites as main artistic influences legends like Tupac Shakur, Nas, Heavy D, LL Cool J, Drake, Jodeci, and Keith Sweat. With an emphasis on slick production, razor-sharp performances and more hooks than a boxing match, “Relationship Goalz” by Boss Fetti has a little something for everybody.

“I love to write songs, record them, and perform them,” Fetti says. “I love to travel and network. I been doing it all my life.”

That’s not what draws him to the hip-hop and RnB sound, though.

“Versatility,” he says. “I love it. So many different subcultures into one culture — I think that’s pretty dope about rap music.”

Asked to describe the overall theme of “Relationship Goalz,” Boss Fetti says he was inspired to make his record by, “People complaining about relationships on social media.”

“There is somebody out there for everybody,” Fetti says. “Don’t give up on love! If you’re single dont give up. If you’re in a relationship and thinking about separating, try to work it out. Teamwork makes the dream work.”

Performing, recording and producing today in Phoenix, AZ, Boss Fetti has previous drops including his 2018 album, “Road 2 Riches,” and 2020 mixtape “Boss Fetti for 2020.” His career has landed him on stages in Detroit, MI, Charlotte, NC, Atlanta, GA, Phoenix and Tucson, AZ, as well as Columbus, Cleveland, Cincinnati, and Dayton, OH, to name a few locales.

“Relationship Goalz” by Boss Fetti on the HoodBoy Muzik Entertainment label is available from quality digital music stores online worldwide now. Get in early, new-wave hip-hop and RnB music fans.

– S. McCauley

Lead Press Release Writer


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