‘Scars’ – The Powerful New Album Release by Chantal

An emotionally charged and musically stirring album.
The fires that devastated the South African town of Knysna in the Western Cape Province of South Africa are long gone, yet the repercussions are still being felt. Singer, songwriter and pianist Chantal’s single ‘Scars’, the title cut from Chanteuse’s new album, speaks to the wounds left by the disaster, which lasted nearly two weeks in June 2017. The resulting trauma has been both visible and unseen. Even so, Chantal is an optimist. But there is more to the story. With the title track dedicated to lives lost and still-recovering survivors of the tragic wildfires which burned for 2 weeks in June 2017, South African singer-songwriter-pianist Chantal evokes both personal losses and heartfelt compassion in her craft. However, she states, “Although the concept of ‘Scars’ came out of something horrific, the song itself is not negative. Having scars implies recovery, strength and healing; what the song is ultimately about and that we find the inner strength to go on even when at times we may want to give up.”

Composition Meet Compassion.
The words and music to ‘Scars’ reveal an empathic consciousness for others, thanks to Chantal’s song-writing and sensitivity, especially heard during the title cut: “I put on a smile and life is good for a while. I see your courage and pain. Let me lighten your burden…” ‘Scars’ is a moving piano-driven melody featuring that personalized singer-songwriter touch on vocals and keyboard. Chantal generates an atmosphere of inspiration and hope despite the pain.

About The ‘Scars’ Album.
The album ‘Scars’, a compilation of 13 new songs, all written by Chantal, was officially released May 5, 2018. Available at more than 600 digital music stores worldwide, another standout track from the ‘Scars’ collection, ‘Children of War’ is Chantal’s response to watching children scattering in the streets as bombs hit their Middle Eastern town. Intensely moved, she burst into tears and wrote the song shortly thereafter as a plea, a call to action and my protest song. Other songs, including ‘Heal This World’, are more hopeful and in a bit of a change up, ‘Close That Door’ is a fast-growing favorite with an inviting radio-friendly syncopated time measure. Chantal’s voice is perfectly angelic on ‘Time To Go Home’.

Commenting on the general themes of her album, Chantal writes, “Every song comes from a deeply personal place, and the creation of the album is about the scars we all have and share in one form or another.” Although most of the songs on this album go from a current circumstance or event, to reveal a more timeless truth about being human, she adds that some of the songs are calls to action; while other are just reactions themselves – “some just slam the door.” In this way, Chantal’s album is a message of encouragement, compassion and humanity.

– by Paul Wolfle

Album – Amazon: https://amzn.to/2IUiuND
Album – iTunes: https://apple.co/2JfManE


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