Art-pop indie artist Phosphoro drops EP album ‘This Infinite Line’

The songwriter and producer of art-pop music known as Phosphoro has released his latest official EP album, “This Infinite Line.” It contains five original Phosphoro tracks for an approximate total listening time of 20 mins. It has been proudly published as an independent release without the involvement of the corporate music industry on the Cognibrew Records record label. Uniquely melodic, undeniably fun, and distinguished by refreshingly unusual instrumentation, “This Infinite Line” introduces Phosphoro as one of the most intriguing artists in recent memory.

Tucson, Arizona’s Phosphoro [often stylized ‘phosphoro’] takes his name from the Spanish word for a match, ‘fosforo,’ for his fiery red hair. He cites as main artistic influences David Bowie, Portugal. The Man, Hozier, and Dave Matthews, as well as saxophone greats such as Cannonball Adderley and Charlie Parker. These are joined in his stable by a melange of rock names like Bob Dylan, Michael Jackson, and Fleetwood Mac. The result is as uncommon as one might imagine and as satisfying as a fan can hope for.

The album art for “This Infinite Line” shows Phosphoro on a ladder in his underwear with a mason’s level, pointing bravely yonder like a great explorer of yore. Sonically speaking, this is apt. His pairing of sax and Rhodes piano festooned with his own unassuming indie-rock vocal style definitely explores new territories. Fans of clever lyrics will find much on the bone to gnaw, also.

Asked to describe the overall theme of “This Infinite Line,” Phosphoro writes:

“My message is one of hope, persistence, and patient endurance. Questions and fear have been pushed on us more than ever, but true insurance isn’t sold. I encourage us to realize we journey our own line, while being part of a bigger infinite line.”

Stylistically speaking, Phosphoro wasn’t aiming to ape the work of someone else. Rather, he made what he wanted to hear because it had been missing.

“The songs are a sound I wanted to hear over this past year,” he writes. “I think each song shows some growth for me as a writer and shares something new that I hadn’t brought to the table before.”

That said, he’s also openly anti-pigeonhole and even moreso than most indie artists.

“It can be hard to create with a particular direction in mind,” Phosphoro says. “I don’t have a defined audience and I don’t want to be a copycat. I’d rather blaze a trail, or even be a Van Gogh -style artist, rather than just get in the same line everyone is in to become famous. I’d like to contribute to the collective canvas.”

That canvas includes notable work from his grandfather, a pianist in the Charlie Fisk Orchestra at Chicago during the 1950s, his mother, also an artist, and his father, a multi-instrumentalist in the 33rd Army Band (USAREUR), all of whom he cites as crucial sources of inspiration.

Seasoned musicians will note all the space in Phosphoro’s mix. No percussion? No second or third vocal tracks? Is there a bass, even (usually, yes)? Music fans will do well to let the music be what it is.

“I often wrestled with the question of ‘does my music need more?’” the artist says. “I feel like I’ve been dancing around the music industry and society, not quite fitting into any of the crowds, knocking on all the doors but not yet finding the entrance to where I need to be. I want to add new or fresh ideas to our industry.”

Cognibrew Records describes Phosphoro as having been raised in Pocatello, Idaho, “where one’s path, social awareness, and of course music, were common lessons of childhood. As a songwriter today, he is in pursuit of musical and spiritual substance while considering topics of humanity.”

“I think I put themes of unity and teamwork into my songs,” Phosphoro writes. “There is also a strong presence for big ideas, such as creation, or the larger purpose that we all face along this infinite line of humanity and history.”

Phosophoro is the sole talent behind everything on the album from initial writing to final recording. He worked with Alusion Studios in Tucson “to mix the songs and add a few final effects to the master,” of which he said, “I always enjoy working with Jim there at the studio.” He is also part of Blind Autumn with whom he has dropped three LPs and an EP record. Previous releases also include two solo LPs as the American Captain.

“This Infinite Line” by Phosphoro on the Cognibrew Records label is available from quality digital music stores online worldwide now. Get in early, art-pop fans.

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Guitar virtuoso Moro releases new single ‘Cinco de Mayo’

Legendary folk guitarist Moro has dropped his latest single, a Spanish instrumental written and played in the toque style of Andalusia, “Cinco de Mayo.” The writer and performer of 12 LP albums and the No.1 solo-guitar song from 1981-1984 has performed in over 50 countries, for kings and queens, sheiks and movie stars, but is perhaps best renowned as the most-celebrated champion of the historic troubadour tradition of the last 200 years — and likely the most well-traveled of all time.

A few months before his 21st birthday in the early 1960s, Moro took up a backpack, left his wallet behind, and set out to circumscribe the globe with nothing but his guitar and his soul. The result became a finalist for ForeWord Magazine’s 2012 Book of the Year Award, his acclaimed autobiography, Kin to the Wind.

Today Moro releases singles on the Budwick independent label whenever he feels a hankering, and they enjoy international radio circulation. The present release of “Cinco de Mayo” is his first since 2019’s “Wanderin’.” As the vaunted artist relates it, “Cinco…” forced its way into being.

“I needed time for the right thing to come along,” he says.

Moro records in a pair of insulated rooms attached to his garage the size of walk-in closets. Far from the mic-and-laptop rigs many indie artists content themselves with today, Moro enjoys the warm acoustics of state-of-the-art analog equipment. And when he’s particularly happy with a recording, he sends it to a digital mastering lab for finalization.

All this and more is palpable while listening to contemporary tracks by Moro. All this and much more.

“I strongly feel ‘Cinco de Mayo’ would’ve pleased my friend Dorotea Estampio,” he writes. “I met her in Old Town Granada — she was a gypsy flamenco dancer and we performed onstage together, she on her toes and I on my guitar. I grew to love her so much, the Andalusian-style melody of ‘Cinco de Mayo’ actually roots in that love and makes me all at once happy and sad whenever I feel her immortal spirit enjoying it.”

To hear Moro tell it is to give faces to the seeming spirits swaying in his sounds.

“When she danced,” says Moro, “she regarded the world around her with a soul-penetrating gaze so intense as to be capable of exorcism. Our awed crowds studied her with bated breath.”

Sharing the stage with him were her husband, also dancing, and her teenage son, also playing guitar. Moro speaks of all three with the friendly reverence of a collaborator who’s worked on a thing of marvel.

“Ingenious, clever and alert, [her son] somehow always knew where I was going with the music. So we easily became a duet, and the four of us — two guitarists and two dancers — performed in public squares, gypsy caves and even theaters, for aficionados throughout Andalusia. The people generally gave us a little money with which Dorotea bought us food and beautiful, if humble, lodging.”

“Cinco de Mayo” was originally published to the world in Moro’s 1994 CD, “Amilucience.” Today’s updated version comes as remastered with surgical precision by London’s famous Tom Frampton, whom Moro describes as “a great young engineer with unheard-of understanding, whose legendary skill has elevated the sound.”

Lifelong symphony patron Ted Wildhage says of the remastered Cinco de Mayo, “The notes are so full, so resonant and beautiful. Hearing it took me back to a special place with good times and memories. I’ll keep it and play it often.”

And what of Moro’s own memories? He’s as wistful as any of us.

“I’ve never been so happy with anyone,” he writes. “I’d have stayed with these gypsies forever. But a noble and fascinating Spanish duchess in the audience invited me home for dinner late one balmy Saturday night after our show. Only 20, I’m afraid I went home with her and never saw my gypsy friends again. Life with them had been so happy and spiritually golden, losing them in this way gave me a lifelong heartache that refuses to go away.”

“Cinco de Mayo” by Moro on the Budwick label is available from quality digital music stores online worldwide now. Get in early, classical-guitar music fans.

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Paula Punch debut studio album ‘Song to the Trees’ out now

Australian alt-rocker and singer-songwriter Paula Punch has dropped her official studio debut LP, “Song to the Trees.” Bearing 11 original tracks recorded in 2019 with her band, the Fireflys, it comes from Sydney indie record label, Punch Park. “Song to the Trees” presents Punch and the Firefly Band in a set of tracks recorded live in the studio with additional takes from guest artists laid atop them. The result presents these artists in the same dynamic style which local fans loved at their many popular live shows, but with a new and exciting dimension and crystalline clarity from razor-sharp studio production.

In short, if you’ve ever been a fan of Paula Punch’s stage show or music releases, this record will resonate with you in all the old ways and in an entirely new one.

Speaking of the themes of her new record, Punch Park writes:

“Paula Punch has always been drawn to nature, the nature of the world around her, and of course human nature. Her stories are enmeshed with metaphors that speak of change, cycles, disruption, decline, growth, birth, rebirth, love and metamorphosis. It is a woman’s journey to finding her own power, a celebration of love, and an exploration of nature and our part in it.”

“Being a singer songwriter, my music can cross many genres,” says Paula Punch. “I let the music and the story take me where it needs to go. Some songs are quite folk style, others country or rock, or classic ballads, like my song ‘Tender Moment.’”

She’s also open about the feminine aspect of her contemporary work.

“I like to rock out on songs. I loved playing in my early university band. However, it was when I was alone at home looking after my two young boys that I picked up my guitar again and started writing my own music. There is a strong theme of heartache in my songs, but I hope people also hear the message of women’s empowerment in the music, and relate to the stories, and feel inspired to express themselves as well”

“Tell your story,” says Paula Punch. “Never let anyone else bring you down, or stop you from following your dream. And my message for women: I understand your challenges – I share them – I sing them. I hope that you come with me on my journey of love, pain, joy, anger and forgiveness through music.”

“My message for my audience today would be to do what you love,” Paula says, herself. “Follow your passion. Life is so short — you have one shot. Life is not a demo. Know that it is never too late to do what you love.”

And she also makes an special point of declaring her record includes songs calling for action — her ecological fight songs.

“I strongly believe that we are all part of this circle of life, and music is entwined with it. It is crucial that we make a change in our lives to help nature heal. My songs ‘Full Moon Rising’ and ‘Song to the Trees’ reflect my concern for where we are right now.”

The Firefly Band are Paula Punch, Robin Gist, Marko Simec, Reuben Alexander, and Mike Rix.

“Song to the Trees” features work by guest musicians Matt Fell, Rod McCormack, Mark Punch, Clare O’Meara, Mark Collins, Bob Scott and Nick Wales, as well as portrait photography by Tim Bauer and nature photography by Nick Wales, and cover art by Scarlett Vespa and Paula Punch. It was recorded at Electric Avenue Studios by Philip Punch, Robin Gist and Jem Hoppe, and mastered by Steve Smart at 301 Studios, both studios operating in Sydney.

“Song to the Trees” by Paula Punch on the Punch Park label is available from quality digital music stores online worldwide now. Get in early, alt-rock and singer-songwriter fans.

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Dance Nation from Finland drop post-COVID single ‘Sunlight’ feat. Alan Chan

FINLAND, 2021-Aug-23 — /Indie Music News Network/ —

Finnish techno/EDM/future-bass crew Dance Nation have dropped their newest official single, “Sunlight” feat. Alan Chan. Like all current Dance Nation material, “Sunlight” is on their own Dance Nation LTD label and published via OLEMUSIC Publishing & Edition Intro Meisel GmbH. Upbeat, engaging and energizing all at once, “Sunlight” proves yet again that Dance Nation can bring their veteran skills to 21st Century audiences with more octane than an F1 grand prix even after a year in lockdown.

Dance Nation are celebrated EDM pioneer DJ Patu (Pasi Elo) and producer Peter Räsänen. Formed by the blend of Patu’s three decades in techno and Räsänen’s fresher perspective on the modern sound, Dance Nation have delighted fans around the world with such popular tracks as “Don’t Panic!,” “Love Is a Game,” and “Dirty.”

In addition to the talents of DJ Patu and Peter Räsänen, Dance Nation are also joined on “Sunlight” by Alan Chan, Quarter Finalist in The Voice UK televised singing competition.

“I was very lucky to have been approached by Pasi and Peter,” Chan writes.

“They both watched hours of videos and listening to singers all across Europe, then discovered me by watching my performance on The Voice UK 2020 all the way through to the quarter finals of the show. Pasi did lots of research and got in contact with my university, the Academy of Contemporary Music London, and got in contact with me.”

While intrigued, Chan wasn’t sold right away.

“I thought he was a telemarketer at first,” he says. “We met, and he expressed how impressed he and Peter were with my performances and how they admired my passion for music. He said Dance Nation had a perfect instrumental track for me and asked if I would consider working with them. I heard the track on my headphones in the restaurant and I decided right there, I’m in.”

The trio have worked together as a well-oiled machine since.

“With their kind, professional and continuous support through the whole process, they offered me two weeks to write the lyrics and create the vocal arrangement with total freedom … Now we are currently continuing our partnership for another few tracks. Thank you Dance Nation! Thank you Pasi and Peter for your trust and belief in me.”

For this present release of “Sunlight,” Dance Nation have cited as artistic influences Tiesto, Armin van Buuren, West Bam, Marusha, SASH, Julian Jordan, Dillon Francis, BROHUG, and “’90s dance music generally.”

Asked to describe the overall theme of “Sunlight,” Dance Nation writes, “All of us are missing traveling and we are waiting to be able to go to a paradise again to see the sunlight and blue waters, sit under palm trees, and this is a song about that. We want you to feel like you’re there when listening to this song!”

Dance Nation’s current official bio reads:

“Founded in 1989, Dance Nation are veteran producers DJ Patu (Pasi Elo) and Peter Räsänen. Their previous official releases include such popular drops as “Extended Play” (1992) and “Don’t Panic” (1993) as well as many others. Today, having joined forces in 2019 to produce Dance Nation tracks with a modern twist, their contemporary catalog already includes 2019’s “Arena” and 2020’s “The Force,” “Love Is a Game (Festival Mix)” and “Room.” Over the years these titans have performed in disparate locales such as Russia, Thailand, England, Sweden and Germany, not to mention their mother country of Finland.”

“Sunlight” by Dance Nation is available from quality digital music stores online worldwide now. Get in early, techno, EDM and future-bass music fans.

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Yahudah Shalom releases new album ‘Manna from Heaven’

The songwriter and producer of RnB and hip-hop music known as Yahudah Shalom has released his latest official album, “Manna from Heaven.” It contains 11 original Yahudah Shalom tracks for an approximate total listening time of 40 mins. “Manna…” has been proudly published as an independent release without the involvement of the corporate music industry on the Qodesh Ministries record label. Bringing a crisp, updated yet definitely nineties sound in a way often attempted but rarely achieved like this, “Manna from Heaven” introduces Yahudah Shalom as one of the most intriguing artists of the year so far.

Cincinnati’s Yahudah Shalom cites as main artistic influences Big Brother Yawsh Rihanna, NAS, Jay-Z, Lauren Hill, Mary J Blige, and 50 Cent. With an emphasis on rock-solid mic work, killer back beats, and more hooks than a baitshop, “Manna from Heaven” by Yahudah Shalom has a little something for rap and RnB fans alike.

Asked to describe the overall theme of “Manna from Heaven,” Yahudah Shalom writes that it is “Positive music to get you through tough times and fill the spirit with inspiration and hope.”

Qodesh Ministries describes Yahudah Shalom as having “Started doing music at a young age, growing up in the projects he always loved to listen and write music. When he was 18 years old, he started a record label, and for the next few years he would generate a buzz releasing mixtapes.”

“I started making music when I was 13 years old,” Shalom writes. “Music has always been a passion to me.”

“Manna from Heaven” by Yahudah Shalom on the Qodesh Ministries label is available from quality digital music stores online worldwide now. Get in early, RnB and hip-hop fans.

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Jamaican dancehall artist Nuh Layce drops new single ‘Try Again’

The songwriter and producer of reggae and dancehall music known as Nuh Layce has released his latest official single, “Try Again.” It has been proudly published as an independent release without the involvement of the corporate music industry on his own Nuh Layce record label. Original, outspoken, and packed with the genuine island sound, “Try Again” introduces Nuh Layce as the most intriguing dancehall artist in recent memory.

Nuh Layce performs and records original modern dancehall from Top City in Baillieston, Jamaica. He cites as main artistic influences Meek Mills, Timberland, Swiss Beats, Dr. Dre, Ten Eleven, Vybz Kartel, Metro booming, and Drake. Specific to “Try Again,” Layce notes also the work of Marshmallow. With an emphasis on a concrete back beat, ground-floor bass lines and a metric tonne of vocal style, “Try Again” by Nuh Layce has a little something for every fan of the dancehall sound.

Asked to describe the overall theme of “Try Again,” Nuh Layce writes, “With the world slowly coming back to normal, a lot of persons were affected by the pandemic, and I want to motivate people to never give up, to ‘try again.’”

It is this simple mantra which brings the world Layce’s present drop, in fact.

“Along my journey,” he writes, “I have encountered a lot of failures, and I never gave up. I always kept trying. I am not exactly where I want to be, however, I have come a far way.”

“Try Again” comes hot on the heels of Nuh Layce’s other recent 2021 release, the critically acclaimed rattler, “Bad Man Zone.”

The following is taken from the artist’s current official bio:

Hubert Nickel Nembhard AKA (Nuh Layce) is a Jamaican musical artist, producer and songwriter. Nembhard was born in the community of Baillieston, Clarendon. He is the son of Beverly brown and Lloyd Nembhard, the second-youngest of five siblings.

Nembhards musical journey began during his time in Spalding High School after the passing of his father. Music became an escape for his trauma and also became his life force. Nembhard has always been an entertainer. Throughout high school, English Literature and drama was something he excelled at and spent most of his time performing songs and skits for friends during breaks. This paved the way for his prolific lyrical content and performance skills showcased in his music.

In 2014 Nembhard moved to Manchester, Jamaica to officially pursue a career in music and began creating his catalogue with the release of his first unofficial single “Life Never Easy” followed by “One Man Against the World” which he is currently producing officially under his own record label. Then in 2016 Nembhard moved to the parish of St. Ann where he released his song “Nuh Layce.” It was unofficial, but became a hit, and also a brand which Nembhard now has the copyrights to. In 2018, he released his singles “Pree Mi Life,” “Bunna Man,” and “Hustle Everyday,” their content highlighting his versatility and creativity.

Currently Nembhard is promoting his brand-new single, “Try Again,” produced by Swagg Boss Ze1ro, which has been creating a buzz on social media posts and getting numerous clicks. He believes this is the song that will finally get him a permanent spot in the music industry.

“Try Again” by Nuh Layce on the Nuh Layce label is available from quality digital music stores online worldwide now. Get in early, reggae and dancehall music fans.

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Sydney punks the Escapes release new EP album ‘Defective World’

The purveyors of punk rock music known as the Escapes have released their latest official EP album, “Defective World.” It contains eight original Escapes tracks for an approximate total listening time of 20 mins. It has been proudly published as an independent release without the involvement of the corporate music industry on the Evil Tone Records music label. Upbeat, unabashed, and challenging music fans everywhere to get up and have a little fun, “Defective World” introduces the Escapes as one of the most intriguing indie punk crews in recent memory.

Sydney, Australia’s the Escapes cite as main artistic influences Cosmic Psychos, the Mummies, the Saints, and the Clean. Bringing their own brand of “low-fi sloppy garage punk influenced by ’60s garage and ’70s punk” rock, “Defective World” by the Escapes has a little something for every fan of the sound.

Asked to describe the overall theme of “Defective World,” the Escapes writes, “it’s just eight songs of garage punk and a little psych song.”

A straightforward, no-frills and carefree little record, “Defective World” took a single day to record, notes Escapes singer Rodney Todd. The EP was recorded and produced by Jay Whalley at the famous Pet Food Factory in Marrickville. A vinyl version is scheduled for release in August.

“Defective World” by the Escapes on the Evil Tone Records label is available from quality digital music stores online worldwide now. Get in early, punk rock music fans.

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Brinxx releases new single ‘Everywhere I Go’

SAN ANTONIO, Texas, 2021-Jun-17 — /Indie Music News Network/ —

The songwriter and producer of rap and hip-hop music known as Brinxx has released his latest official single, “Everywhere I Go.” It has been proudly published as an independent release without the involvement of the corporate music industry on the Gold Standard Music Group record label. Gritty, real, and overflowing with clever lines and rhymes, “Everywhere I Go” introduces Brinxx as one of the most intriguing rappers of the year so far.

San Antonio, Texas’s Brinxx cites as main artistic influences Tupac Shakur, Jay Z, Nas, 50 Cent, Scarface, the Notorious B.I.G., Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre, Outkast, and Bun B. With an emphasis on bass-built beats and razor-sharp urban poetry, “Everywhere I Go” by Brinxx has a little something for everybody.

Asked to describe the overall theme of “Everywhere I Go,” Brinxx writes, “This particular project is my single. It’s just a summarization basically of some things I witnessed and have experienced.”

Brinxx credits his mother and her sisters for inspiring him to make original tracks.

“It was hearing the songs my mother and aunts played around the house as a kid that got me interested in being an artist,” he writes. “Actually, I wanted to be a singer, but I couldn’t sing.”

Gold Standard describes Brinxx as a veteran musician with some rough times under his belt.

“Jerrieon Mcknight,” they write, “professionally known as Brinxx, originally came out under the name Jaye Cartel with the group BFAM & COA. He caught a few drug charges in 2009 and got sentenced eight years in 2010 from which he was paroled twice and did three stints altogether.”

“Everywhere I Go” by Brinxx on the Gold Standard Music Group label is available from quality digital music stores online worldwide now. Get in early, rap and hip-hop music fans.

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Indie group PM People releases new EP album ‘Yrc’

PACIFIC NORTHWEST, USA, 2021-Jun-07 — /Indie Music News Network/ —

The indie rock crew known as PM People have released their latest official EP album, “Yrc.” It contains seven original PM People tracks for an approximate total listening time of 25 mins. It has been proudly published as an independent release without the involvement of the corporate music industry. Raw, mellow, soulful, unrestrained, and bringing the original indie sound with utterly rare authenticity, “Yrc” introduces PM People as the most intriguing indie rock crew in recent memory.

The Pacific NW’s PM People — often stylized (pm people) — cite as main artistic influences John Cooper Clark, At the Gates, Guided by Voices, Sun Kil Moon, Dire Straits, Pop Smoke, Kodak Black, and “probably Velvet Underground above all.” With an emphasis on highly stylized songwriting and a no-frills purity in production, “Yrc” by PM People will scratch that Robert Pollard itch in a way indie fans have needed for some time.

PM People are Isaiah Warren, Gage Lovett, and Jeremy Parker. Asked to describe the overall theme of “Yrc,” Warren writes:

“Life will never be easy, but it can be managed. Not only that, it’s even possible to set your own terms.”

Lead vocalist Warren has described himself as “a fanboy, every show, every time, 1 EP every 2 years,” which time he decries as “slacking.” Nevertheless, during that time he lived and played with legends from such groups as Everclear, Wehrmacht, Hitting Birth, MDC, the Joneses, the Lemonheads, Morrissey, P.R.O.B.L.E.M.S., and yet more. When COVID shut everyone indoors, he called someone with whom he had a true sonic connection, Gage Lovett.

“It’s not how good you are at something, it’s how comfortable you are with it. I feel comfortable with Gage and he’s the missing link in how these songs need to be expressed. That might seem like a pretentious notion, but I really do feel strongly about these songs. I sing, play guitar, bass, keyboards, and percussion, and he sings and plays guitar. Our friend by providential circumstance, Jeremy, plays the mean drums.”

Ultimately, though, Warren points to the art.

“That’s all really a footnote,” he writes on behalf of PM People. “A song is a song. These should speak for themselves.”

“Yrc” by PM People on the is available from over 500 quality digital music stores online worldwide now. Get in early, indie-rock fans.

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Lynne Ferguson releases new single ‘Why Don’t You Do Right’ feat. Wilson Pickett

SUQUAMISH, Wash., 2021-Jun-02 — /Indie Music News Network/ —

Folk and country singer-songwriter Lynne Ferguson has released her latest single, “Why Don’t You Do Right” featuring George Naha, Aretha & Wilson Pickett, and Jay Anderson (Zappa, Bowie, Carmen McRae). The track is a shadowy, country-tinged cover of the 1938 blues standard paired with a ’73 Paul Simon cover, “American Tune.” It comes from her upcoming 20th album release, a retrospective album showcasing recordings from the last 30 years.

Like the rest of Ferguson’s contemporary material, these have been proudly published independent of the corporate music industry on the Zombie Pile record label. Soulful, elegantly performed and impeccably produced, “Why Don’t You Do Right” and “American Tune” represent the latest evidence that Lynne Ferguson has more than enough sonorous spirit to go around.

Lynne Ferguson of Suquamish, WA, cites as main artistic influences Ella Fitzgerald, Tracy Nelson, and Mavis Staples. As has been said of her 2019 album, “Lo Siento Mi Vida,” Ferguson’s style is likely to appeal to fans of Joan Baez, Judy Collins, Billy Jo Spears, and the classic Americana sound. Rebraiding the 1938 classic’s mournful bars into a dark and sultry western dirge, “Why Don’t You Do Right” by Lynne Ferguson has more character than a Charles Dickens persona.

Asked to describe the overall theme of “Why Don’t You Do Right,” Lynne Ferguson writes, “We support our free non-profit Native Horsemanship Youth Program with music, and I’ve been fortunate to work with some of my favorite artists.”

Zombie Pile describes Lynne Ferguson as a bona-fide veteran of folk and country-western music who has been writing and performing music for decades. She has recorded with Mark O’Connor, Jerry Douglas, Eddie Bayers, and many more. Her career found strong, early support in the form of avid Lynne Ferguson advocate and blues legend, Taj Mahal, with whom she toured as his opening act..

“Why Don’t You Do Right” by Lynne Ferguson on the Zombie Pile label is available from quality digital music stores online worldwide now. Get in early, Americana music fans.

– S. McCauley

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